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.243 Winchester Rifle Ammunition

.243 Winchester Ammo For Sale

243 Winchester ammo for sale. Winchester slugs total a type that is genuinely a handyman – and expert of them too, besides. Give your handloads 80 to 100 grain .243 slugs, and they’ll have the option to feel a buck with insignificant agony and experiencing on the creature’s part. Select a 115-grain boat tail slug, and the main thing preventing you from hitting a 1,000 objective will be your expertise. Pick a lightweight 55 to 75 grain-growing shot, and you’ll partake in the level direction and hazardous terminal execution that sends varmints flying into a low circle.

Assuming you wish to transform your hunting rifle into one you could likewise rely upon during a battle, then, at that point, similar burdens you’d use to overwhelm bucks or vermin should serve you wonderfully. And all of this with fundamentally less force than the 308 Win!